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Skip Isley brings 30 years of industry experience to Isley Entertainment. Prior to IE, Isley was a partner at Green Marlin Entertainment and has been at the forefront of the new model of independent promotion for over 18 years. At IE, Green Marlin Entertainment and as VP/Promotion at CO5, he spearheaded the promotion campaigns for artists like The Doobie Brothers,
Collective Soul, Mandy Moore, Elton John/Leon Rusell
and Rocco DeLuca to name a few. His years of National Radio promotion experience has seen him develop success stories at
multiple formats including AAA, HAC, Top 40, AC, Rock,
Alternative and Country.

Isley's 18 year radio programming background was forged mostly in
the Alternative and Rock genre in such major markets as Hartford, Albuquerque and Tampa. His track record for ratings success speaks
for itself. As a programmer, his commitment to developing talent via creative promotions and festival events were cutting edge for its time
and was a key factor in establishing a solid foundation between station, artist and the listeners.

Billy Idol
Billy Idol at WXPK

kat graham
Kat Graham at iHeart NYC

Collective Soul
Collective Soul at WNOK

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson at Premier Radio

Leon Russell
Leon Russell with WXPN at SNL

doobie brothers
Doobie Brothers at WRLT

The Fray at WALK

Crystal Bowersox
Crystal Bowersox at Sunset Sessions

Tori Amos
Tori Amos at World Cafe

Rocco DeLuca
Rocco Deluca & Kiefer Sutherland at WKRZ

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